Thursday, April 19, 2018


儿子的学校举办了一场新谣分享会, 父母亲都有被邀请。 我也许是第一个报名的。当初我也是新谣的一份子, 我们一群也是爱抱着吉他的学生,爱唱爱写词写曲。 听了新声代唱得新谣歌曲, 顿时带领着我们穿梭时空,回到青春,回到学生时代。

Saturday, April 14, 2018


Celebrating birthday of her new friend with the new group. Such personal gesture is not found elsewhere.  The coach really treat them like his own boys and girls.

为了庆生, 教练还特地买了蛋糕给他的学生。 真的其快乐有所不同。

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

My beautiful homeland

This is my homeland. OK the park in neighbourhood where I stay.
The lake is nearby my house. We like to take a walk, exercise and even cycle. If the weather is fine, it will be breezy.


这里是在儿子校园里的池边拍的。 我们以前的学校也有鱼池, 不过我们的鱼池没有亭子。瞒喜欢有亭子的小院子, 累了可以歇息, 看看鱼儿, 看看鸟。 鸟儿喜欢在鱼池旁沐浴, 瞒逗趣的。休闲时, 下课后, 偶尔到鱼池的亭子绕绕, 对我来说, 真的能改变我的心情, 让自己放松, 难得糊涂


New step new life new friends, with Chanisse, Chatson and friends 


There shall be way where children can step out and build up their strength. Friendship outside are important too. It's perhaps better than having a few friends from the same school. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Wushu Competition 2018

习武的家伙们! It was once again the annual National Primary School Wushu Compeitition. This is the second year Metta took part in the competition representing her school. I guess it was an experience of a lifetime. Afterall, life of primary school only come once.

Monday, February 05, 2018

2018 CNY Bake - CSH Clover Savoury House

It's again once a year, a Chinese New Year. It's my favourite festival of the year, not because of the Ang Pao (of course), but because of the tradition and memories.

I am scared to count how many cycles I have been through this zodiac animals thingy, how many years of fengshui I have been following.

Aside from these, yes I love to bake for CNY. I am always following the bakers' trend from what they are baking and I am so interested to see what they bake. This year I bake doggy figurine pineapple balls and  German cookie in doggy shape. So far this is it and I will continue to bake other stuffs. I am already late.

Hope you like my bake,.

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Monday, January 29, 2018

CNY at Chinatown 2018

Chinese New Year of the Dog is coming so I visited Chinatown during one of the weekdays, at the same time catching up with few friends


"Wang wang" is what we want usually symbolise by pineapple, but for the coming year, dogs are the one who will be representing "Wang" because it's the barking sound of doggies and puppies. Wang wang everywhere.                              
Catching up with freinds

CNY stall selling CNY stuffs
CNY goodies, yum yum!!
CNY lanterns


儿子的学校举办了一场新谣分享会, 父母亲都有被邀请。 我也许是第一个报名的。当初我也是新谣的一份子, 我们一群也是爱抱着吉他的学生,爱唱爱写词写曲。 听了新声代唱得新谣歌曲, 顿时带领着我们穿梭时空,回到青春,回到学生时代。 谢谢你们。